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Next, consider some of the elements of a successful book cover. Does it draw the reader in without revealing too much of the plot? Does it stand out on the shelf? Ask each student to design their own book cover for The Giver around an aspect of the story that resonated with them. Hang sheets of different colored paper around the room, with a notepad next to each color. Have students spend 30 seconds at each color, writing down the emotions the color inspires in them. When the time is up, have the students shift to the next color station.

The Giver Teaching Ideas - Book Units Teacher

After everyone has rotated through each station, review with the class the emotions inspired by each color. Were they consistent?

Discuss why certain colors may have inspired negative emotions, while others inspired positive emotions. Have the class create a newspaper for the Community, following a traditional front page layout.

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What sort of news might make the headlines? Browse the latest: Movies Education Book. Lesson plan. Lucy Knisley, via picturebookreport. Via thecreativeplace. Amanda Miller via behance.

Via design-emotion. DoraYLaCiudadPerdida te esperan este 13 de septiembre en tu cine favorito. We tell stories that recapture the imagination, rekindle curiosity, and demonstrate the rewards of virtue.

How to Teach The Giver

All rights reserved. The Giver is a great book for students to read as an early introduction to dystopian literature. The story will prompt important discussions about certain themes, the concept of freedom, and more. The activities in this lesson plan will help students create fun and visual responses to the story, and can be extended to the rest of The Giver series if desired! Jonas is a typical 11 year old who lives in a seemingly perfect community.

The Giver lesson

There is little pain, and no crime. People are polite, and everyone belongs to a supportive family.

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However this utopia comes at a price; there are no choices, emotions are forbidden, and life in the community is dictated by strict rules. In this society, Elders match spouses, and assign children to them before birth. Everyone looks similar in skin color and dress. Everyone in the community is also assigned a job. When it is Jonas time to learn his job, he is chosen to be the new Receiver.

This is the person who holds all the memories of the world for their society. Over time, Jonas learns about color, nature, beauty, pleasure, love, and family. As well as painful memories of loss, loneliness, poverty, injury, war, and death. The former Receiver the eponymous Giver explains that the community is founded on the principle of likeness, which requires the consistency of a world without emotion and memory to survive. He adds that these memories give the Receiver the true wisdom needed to guide the committee in all their decisions.

Jonas wants to give all the memories he possesses to everyone, despite warnings from the Giver that doing so could have devastating consequences. Jonas becomes upset and feels that, without memories, his family and friends live in ignorance. This escape plan takes Jonas and Gabe on a journey.

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Jonas struggles with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that the Giver has shared with him, before they reach a place that was in Jonas's first received memory.