Murder on the Bluff: The Carew Poisoning Case

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  1. Scottish Murder Stories : Molly Whittington-Egan :
  3. Murder on the Bluff: Carew Poisoning Case by Molly Whittington-Egan (Paperback, 1996)
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Scottish Murder Stories : Molly Whittington-Egan :

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Murder on the Bluff: Carew Poisoning Case by Molly Whittington-Egan (Paperback, 1996)

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No Way Out My terrifying story of abuse at the hands of a Kirk Wallace Johnson. Class of '88 Find the warehouse. Lose the hitmen. Pump the b James Delahunty also held the rank of Quartermaster in the second half company of the Offaly Brigade. I was a personal friend of Tom Mitchell and we often discussed the Pearson episode. He told me his father advised the Pearson family on many occasions to keep a low profile.

Tom had a balanced view of the situation at the time. He might consider interviewing the people of Cadamstown and the surrounding areas, and they will provide the details. The day after the mass-path incident an Crossley Tender and two army lorries arrived in the village and proceeded to Pearsons that afternoon. Horan and John Dillon were arrested.

It is reasonable to ask who was in a position to identify them and point out where they lived. Another element of the local intelligence struggle: Two RIC officers used to come on their bicycles from Birr on alternate Sundays, to attend mass in Cadamstown Church. After mass they proceeded to Pearsons. They received a warning that they would be shot. They never came afterwards. Page 56 71 in 2nd edition : The author claims the IRA used dum-dum bullets.

They arrested everyone in the village and placed them along the bridge in the village, where names were taken. The women were allowed to return home, and the men and boys as young as 10 years old were held until Mrs Pearson arrived from Birr.

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She failed to identify anybody. That was the morning my late mother Bridget Dillon, aged 17 years, was fired on by British soldiers while she was bringing in cows to be milked. She carried a head wound till the day she died.

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Page 85 99 in 2nd edition : Tom Donnelly is mentioned as having been interviewed by Tom Mitchell in But Tom Mitchell passed away in Page 90 in 2nd edition : [The shooting at the police in Kinnitty. The attackers were said to have hidden behind the Catholic church building. These are not all the errors I have been asked to correct by numerous people.

Alan Stanley has written an account sympathetic to the Unionist views of that time, as well as a revisionist perspective. I have revealed and recorded the incident as told by those who actually participated in the events. Can anyone shed light on the motivation for the unrelenting efforts of the Sunday Independent to discredit those who fought against the British terrorist forces in the War of Independence? Could it be Tony paying off the instalments on his knighthood?

Heaney's latest article and Mr. Why did it all end and what caused the fracture between the Pearsons and their neighbours? They were armed, and when admitted they requested that any guns which were in the house should be handed over. This the Pearsons refused to do. Placing one volunteer on guard, the remaining two searched the house and found two guns which they took away with them.

Who were these 3 brave volunteers who violate the sanctity of an Irish family home? Were they well behaved or did they issue threats? Did they threaten to burn the house if they did not get what they wanted? And what was to be the natural response of a family in such circumstances? A sense of violation? Heaney has seen fit to omit this episode from his riposte to Alan Stanley.

Can Mr. Heaney name the 3 brave fellows? Did they too deposit witness statements of their brave escapade in the Military Archives?