Rock and Rol Heaven

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  1. The Rock -N- Roll Heaven Show
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  4. ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN | Harness Museum
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Concert-goers have described Rock 'n Roll Heaven 2 as "phenomenal," "unbelievable," "fantastic," and "even better the second time around!

The Rock -N- Roll Heaven Show

If you missed last season's Rock 'n Roll Heaven, here's your chance to see what everybody was raving about! Once again, we pay tribute to the artists whose genius defined American popular music. From James Brown to Blood, Sweat and Tears to Lynard Skynard to the Righteous Brothers -- we sought out the very best Rock has to offer and showcase the songs with some of the Upstate's most talented performers. Our unparalleled roster of performers boasts an incredible array of impressive credits including an American Idol Hollywood finalist, studio sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville, and touring with Paul McCartney , Bette Midler , and Frank Sinatra.

Rock 'n Roll Heaven 2 runs through February 26th performances are Thursday through Sunday only , with p.

All seats are reserved. Don't have your tickets yet? Well, you better act quick; tickets are going fast with many shows nearly sold out! To purchase tickets, call the box office at Box office hours are Tuesday through Friday from p. Given his international stature and his devotion to the varied styles of the African diaspora, he would have been a dream partner for stars like the Fugees and Kanye West.

It is also likely he would have also attempted to use his influence beyond the musical domain, challenging the ongoing dominance of the old colonial powers and serving as a spokesman for people of color around the world. Lennon founded the Quarrymen in the late s in his hometown of Liverpool, England, eventually joined in the band by McCartney and guitarist George Harrison.

Shortly after the release of the album Double Fantasy, at the age of 40, Lennon was shot to death as he arrived home from a recording session. Lennon was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Beatles in and as a solo artist in He paved the way for such musical activists as Bob Geldof and Bono, but given his talent and fame could have accomplished even greater things. Given what he had done already, it is hard to put limits on what he might have attempted, and it seems safe to assume he would have continued to surprise even his most devoted followers.

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He might have been the first classic rocker to embrace the hip-hop revolution, composed avant-garde experimental music, gone back to his roots by forming a hard-rocking guitar quartet, or most likely would have experimented with all of those alternatives and more.

And yes, he almost certainly would have stayed with Yoko Ono. He was known for his unique drumming style, playing zigzag across his elaborate drum kit with a wash of cymbals. His playing ushered in an era in which drums became far more than simply a means of keeping the beat. Had he lived, the Who would not have broken up in the s and could have continued on a par with the Rolling Stones, making new albums and selling out stadiums around the world. The music would not have changed all that much, but new generations of fans would have a chance to see them with the magnificent madman Moon on drums.

Elvis Presley January 8, — August 16, Universally hailed as the King of Rock and Roll, Presley exploded onto the music scene in the mid s.

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Presley was a truck driver when he was discovered in by producer Sam Phillips. Army in ; after two years in the service, he returned and focused primarily on making movies and recording soundtracks. Presley starred in 33 movies in his career and returned to making music in with his famed televised comeback special. He continues to hold the record for most Top 40 hits , most Top 10 hits 38 and most weeks at Number One Presley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Like his old Sun labelmate Johnny Cash, he might have put himself in the hands of young rock producers and revisited his blues and country roots, making stripped-down albums that would have won him a new following of young hipsters.

ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN | Harness Museum

Given his command of older pop styles, he would also have been an obvious first choice for the Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett superstar duet projects. Mama Cass succumbed to a heart attack in , at age At the time of her death she was already appearing in prestigious venues such as the London Palladium, and with her powerful voice might have built an enduring career as a solo concert diva on the order of Bette Midler or Barbra Streisand.

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Bobby Darin May 14, — December 20, The Bronx-born Darin was an extraordinary entertainer, excelling as a singer, songwriter and actor. After lengthy health problems, Darin died following open-heart surgery at age Darin was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in With his commitment to social change, he would undoubtedly have been a mainstay at major events like Live Aid.

Ron Onesti: It's all about rock 'n' roll heaven

And with his breadth of taste and talent he might have expanded the range of artists involved in those projects, bringing in friends from the world of Hollywood and Las Vegas. As he grew older, he would probably have concentrated more deeply on his acting career, and might in the end have been better known for his activism and acting than his music. The band ventured across musical styles, with hits ranging from the blues-infused "Roadhouse Blues" to the horn-rich pop of "Touch Me" to the ethereal "Riders on the Storm. He died in the bathtub of a Paris apartment at the age of 27 and is buried a short distance away.

He undoubtedly would have been involved in the explosion of independent filmmaking in the s, and was perhaps the only rock star of his generation who would have been completely at home in the punk rock movement of the s and later alternative scenes. Alternatively, he might have abandoned music entirely, devoted himself to writing, moved to New York, Paris, Tokyo or Dakar, and by now be honored by a few cognoscenti as an experimental avant-gardist rather than revered by millions as a rock star. Janis Joplin January 19, — October 4, Janis Joplin was an extraordinary blues singer whose influence on the music industry can still be felt today.

The band burst on the national scene with its landmark second album Cheap Thrills. Later that year, the hard-living singer was found dead of a drug overdose at the age of Her final studio album, Pearl, was released posthumously and attained quadruple-platinum status. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in However, by the s she could have returned with the wisdom and depth of that experience, re-emerging like similarly troubled peers such as Joe Cocker and Tina Turner.