Study Guide For Our Only May Amelia: A Novel Literature Unit Study and Lapbook

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  1. Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies
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But as we have many of the titles listed, we took the opportunity to enhance the learning experience and bring these books out off our shelves. This online program utilises a number of different ways of presenting the course content:. In true Classical style, the course is heavy on memorising important dates, which was sometimes a stretch for my 3 rd Grader particularly in the beginning. The great thing was that every lesson and quiz reviewed previous lesson content and reinforced what my daughter had already learned.

The program is very easy to navigate with only a few buttons or options to click. Each lesson needs to be completed before the next slide is unlocked, and you can pause at any time. The flashcards are not absolutely necessary to have, but are certainly a great option to add to the enjoyment of learning, as well as being useful to review the lesson content before the graded tests resulting in a better grade.

The flashcards are sold separately. We aimed to use the course 4 times a week, but because my daughter enjoyed it so much, we did lessons a day, times a week. Each lesson took about 20 minutes less time for the quiz lessons. As my daughter was initially not used to online learning, or to tests and grades, she needed some supervision to start with, but quickly picked up how it works and what to expect each lesson.

There was no option to skip ahead of the current lesson, as they can only be unlocked once the previous lesson is completed. So my daughter simply worked through each slide within each lesson, with little supervision from me. This really is an outstanding online history program. I was impressed at how history was presented age-appropriately, despite there being some fairly graphic events that occurred during the time of the Middle Ages.

I especially liked the consistent connections made between historical events and Church history. The music accompanying the slides throughout the course follows the theme of the Middle Ages, or is suited to the place of interest for each lesson eg. To complete the course for 2 nd and 3 rd Grade students, a parent could possibly sit through the lessons and explain some of the more difficult concepts and help with date and event memorising.

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  • The Making of Modern Economics: The Lives and Ideas of the Great Thinkers;
  • Each Trail Guide to Learning lesson has the following components:.

But to really get the most out of it, I would recommend waiting until your child is just that little bit older. You may also like to view the sample lessons to determine whether or not your child is ready. I can see how this self-paced history course would be a popular choice for Classical homeschooling families.

Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies

But I believe this would also be a great fit for homeschooing families of all educational philosophies and methods. I highly recommend this comprehensive, engaging, and enjoyable course to all homeschooling families who love history and want to take their learning experience to a new level. Two slides of the memory song, which puts the 32 historic events to music.

Finally, here is a New Zealand history book that brings alive our story in a way that is memorable and moving. After 4 years, New Zealand soldiers liberated the town without a single loss of civilian life. The story is told through the eyes of a child. The true story of a Maori girl named Tarore who was tragically killed, and the subsequent aftermath of her death on the spreading of the gospel in New Zealand. A powerful story of how the Maori people heard the gospel through one copy of the gospel of Luke, and how they become evangelists to their own people.

This beautifully written bilingual book records the extraordinary story of compassion by Maori on the battlefield towards the defeated British. Gallipoli — Kerry Greenwood and Annie White.

  1. Two Fangs and a Hoof [Midnight Matings] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour ManLove).
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  3. Homer Price Novel Literature Unit Study and Lapbook, Paperback by Lilly, Tere....
  4. Leverage Fear and Achieve Success:Six Powerful Steps in Using Fear to Your Advantage.
  5. Success Learning Your ABCs - Learning the Alphabet A-G with Animal Illustrations Ages 0-6 Years?
  6. A story of two friends, Bluey and Dusty, who fought together at Gallipoli after landing on the beach on 25 April The story recounts this part of the Great War with a moving narrative that includes historical references and events that paints a realistic introduction to war for elementary-aged children. A non-fiction book on Gallipoli, on the history and meaning behind Anzac Day.

    For new words are among the things that have been born of this war. And the greatest of them all is Anzac. We are working our way through Ancient History at the moment, and gearing up to study the Middle Ages in a few months time. If you click on the link, you will likely find the approximate age level and also some reviews on the content itself. Many of these will be on the next round of our 4-year history cycle, particularly those that have philosophies and worldviews that are much different from our own. I hope you find some great reads here. A one-hour documentary into the legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    However, for further reading, you might like to look at the titles that Amazon have on Susanna Wesley by various authors. We do both. Print off reading log pages for your child to record books read including those from the library. Print copywork pages when there is a topic that you have enjoyed in your usual studies eg. Add in attractive notebooking pages to accompany your regular curriculum, instead of just buying regular lined paper. We use IEW Fix-it Grammar and Theme studies which still need additional pages, as does our history and other subjects.

    Use ebooks on your tablet when you are travelling or away from home, and save on that much needed space in the car. Is there a resource or curriculum that could be changed — even if YOU like using something, but your child is miserable, perhaps you need to let go of what you would prefer to use in favour for what will work better.

    Other math lessons as well. Color worksheets to print.

    Number lines, hundreds charts, worksheets--you design to fit your own needs. Build houses and bridges using cuissennaire rods. Described by math concept covered.

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    Includes handouts. Symbols, profiles, maps. History courses. Links to history sites. Great inspiration for kids!

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    • Snakes and Ladders.
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    • In a Blaze of Glory.
    • Army Doctrine Publication ADP 3-07 Stability August 2012.

    Government for kids. Books, videos, lesson plans, projects. Historical, political, regional and more. Learn geography the fun way!

    The Odyssey Classic Literature Unit Study

    One of over student created entries in this library. Wonderful resource!!! Lessons, worksheets on the human body. Links to other solar system helps. Fun list. Designed for anyone who wants to pursue an interest in Entomology. Crinkleroot books. Also, coloring pages and card creator. Even guides for one-week studies are generally over pages in length, so there is a lot of content provided even if you use it selectively. Most of these guides have Christian content. For example, the Oceans study includes "History of the oceans in the Bible," and Christmas, Easter, Creation Camouflage, Expedition Israel, and Thanksgiving are just a few that are thoroughly Christian.

    The Passport and Download N Go guides are all so easy to use that you can just pull one up and get started without any preparation. You might want to review Unit Study Adventures in advance to select appropriate activities. These unit studies are designed for children in grades K through 4. Each Download N Go study integrates lapbook construction with step-by-step guidance. Printable lapbooking pages are at the end of each study. Even though these are not as detailed as dedicated lapbooking packages, as long as you refer to the weblinks regarding lapbook construction you should have all that you need.

    While no other books are required, suggested reading lists are included. Weblinks throughout the study include links to videos, pictures, information to read, and extra hands-on activities. Some comprehension and written response questions are included in the study along with opportunities for children to draw or color. Each study uses the topic as a jumping off point to related topics. For example, the study of Amelia Earhart also encompasses the history of flight, the Wright brothers, compasses, world geography, and heroes. Younger students will need a great deal of parental assistance while independent readers might be able to work through many activities independently.

    You might also mix them with Passport Geography studies. The Passport Geography series offers one-week virtual tours and studies of countries around the world. These studies are presented at two different levels: Scout for grades K-6 and Explorer for grades Lapbooking is included at Scout level while Explorers spend more time on research and writing. These studies at both levels include many weblinks.

    Some are great and some not worth bothering with, but they have been chosen from sites safe for children which presents some limitations. There are more links than you are likely to be able to use.

    Best of Homeschooling with the Trivium Year Part 2

    One of the major aspects of these studies is that they teach students how to research particular topics. Even though students are not starting from scratch to find their own websites, they still have to assimilate information. Often they are presented with a particular question with the answer to be found through a weblink. Older students should maintain a notebook or journal for answering questions as they proceed through the study.