The Killers Trilogy

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  3. Reflecting On: The Killers – Hot Fuss
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It's undeniable, though, that Hot Fuss wouldn't be the same without this in-depth and solemn yet gracious song. The music alone is unpredictable and powerful, but when accompanied by the lyrics, it unites several of the missing pieces of the murder trilogy - and then, followed by "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine," which completes the sequence. As "screwed-up" as this trilogy may be to some, Flowers went down a new road that I haven't seen before and took his chances.

The Killers "Murder Trilogy"

This trilogy is a legitimate example of how, as an artist, you have to learn how to take risks. Taking on a task like this was bold and showed their maturity, which I loved. Even as the slowest and longest song on the album almost 6 minutes long , it doesn't cease to impress. Barely anything is used literally, but that's the beauty of it: uncovering what the song truly means.

After some thought and consideration and research, of course , I finally understood: the narrator has been searching for "the one," and when he's given up hope, he meets this girl who seems perfect. The catch? She's already in a relationship. The Killers make up for that by the alluring use of the synthesizers, and that beat we know all too well that lies within every song of theirs.

It may not be the most enthralling track on the album, but it closes the album with a replenished and finished feeling. Favorite Quote: "You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out! Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know.

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Matthew Gray Gubler Explains The Dark, Bright Side of “Dirt Sledding” - NYLON

For such a great album, I feel like The Killers don't get as much recognition as they should. Writing this review was very fun and for how talented The Killers are, I hope they get as many fans as they deserve! I like this 0. Vote this 0. Post a comment.

Add to favorites. Submit your own. Similar Articles. Previous Next. Revolution Roulette. Analysis of. Jonas Brothers. In my arms-kylie minogue. This article has 2 comments. Email me when someone replies. Post comment. This is the best piece I've ever written, and while I take pride in it, hearing praise from others means the world to me as well.

Thank you so much!

Report Abuse. Hello jewelia! I just read your review and wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved it! I too am a big fan of The Killers and found this album in particular to be very enjoyable.

Reflecting On: The Killers – Hot Fuss

Lots of great insight in this review. Why this was not given an editors choice award is beyond me. You clearly put in a lot of effort into this and the result is a step above and beyond most. It's a shame this didn't go rewarded because it was certainly deserving. Keep writing quality reviews like this and you'll go far!

Tweets by teenink. Share this on. As of May, it was 93 in the Top on the UK singles charts. The album tells a heck of a story about a high school kid trying to make it work. So, why the heck are we all still listening to Hot Fuss? The early s were obsessed with creating something new and exciting, but I feel like The Killers were able to do it more efficiently. They created a musical experience that perfectly encapsulates growing up in a small town and feeling trapped.

And yeah, of course we associate Hot Fuss with the year it came out, because for many listeners, it was a justification of the niche genre they had fallen in love with. It truly brought the alt scene to the mainstream.

What does Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf mean?

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