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  2. Trump to China: Trade deal now or it will be 'far worse' after 2020
  3. Schiff: Mueller report 'far worse' than Watergate | TheHill
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The -er is the comparative. The weather in Boston is colder than it is in Miami. Use worst whenever you would use a -est word. The -est is the superlative. Washington state has the wettest weather in the US.

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The growing intensity scale of the word is: bad - worse - worst. Worst is the most bad and worse is more bad than bad. The weather in November is bad, but it's worse in December. The worst weather all winter is in January.

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Worst comes after the word the. Since worst is used to single out one inferior thing, it always comes after the word the. I disagree. Eggplant and boiled cabbage are both vile, but squash is the worst! That is the worst cake I have ever tasted. Be aware when the comparison is implied.

Use worst to compare something to other things that are implied but not mentioned outright.

Trump to China: Trade deal now or it will be 'far worse' after 2020

Chartreuse is the worst color [of all]. Part 2 Quiz Which sentence uses "worst" correctly? Dave and Jim are both bad cooks, but I think Dave is worst. I think my memory is worst.

Liquor is worst than beer. Orange is the worst of the colors. The dog sheds, but it is worst in the winter. Say worst case scenario. The phrase worst case scenario points to the extreme negative outcome of a situation. Because it is using an extreme, use worst. The reason people say worse case scenario is due to speaking patterns. In many common words, the -t is dropped; therefore, you hear worse case when the person actually means worst case.

Use worst comes worst or worse comes to worse. This meant that the worst case scenario happened.

In , Daniel Defoe wrote in Robinson Crusoe, "if the worse came to the worst. Part 3 Quiz True or False: It is proper to say worse-case scenario.

Schiff: Mueller report 'far worse' than Watergate | TheHill

True Not quite! False Yes! Which word would I use to say, "His condition has gotten worse or worst than it was last night"? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It helps if you define worse as less good and wors t as leas t good. Do not confuse worst with worsted , which is a woolen fabric with a hard textured surface and no nap woven of worsted yarns. Ex: "He wore a worsted suit.

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Related wikiHows. Christopher Taylor, PhD. Co-authors: Updated: March 29, Categories: Correct Usage of Words. Article Summary To use "worse" and "worst" correctly, start by identifying exactly what you're trying to say. In other languages Deutsch: Worse und worst im Englischen verwenden. Italiano: Utilizzare Worse e Worst in Inglese.

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Bahasa Indonesia: Menggunakan "Worse" dan "Worst". Nederlands: Worse en worst op de juiste manier gebruiken in het Engels. Slade Dec 21, This was a very good explanation, especially with the examples provided.

I also enjoyed the little quiz at the end with the explanations. MC Miguel Contreras Jun 25, Rated this article:. Bruno Marques Apr 16, The examples helped a lot, too.

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Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. Declawing can actually lead to an entirely different set of behavior problems that may be worse than shredding the couch. Too often, people think that declawing is a simple surgery that removes a cat's nails—the equivalent of having your fingernails trimmed. Sadly, this is far from the truth. Declawing traditionally involves the amputation of the last bone of each toe.

If performed on a human being, it would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle. It is an unnecessary surgery that provides no medical benefit to the cat.


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Educated pet parents can easily train their cats to use their claws in a manner that allows everyone in the household to live together happily. The standard method of declawing is amputating with a scalpel or guillotine clipper. The wounds are closed with stitches or surgical glue, and the feet are bandaged. Another method is laser surgery, in which a small, intense beam of light cuts through tissue by heating and vaporizing it. However, it's still the amputation of the last toe bone of the cat and carries with it the same long-term risks of lameness and behavioral problems as does declawing with scalpels or clippers.

A third procedure is the tendonectomy, in which the tendon that controls the claw in each toe is severed. The cat keeps their claws, but can't control them or extend them to scratch. This procedure is associated with a high incidence of abnormally thick claw growth.